Author Talk – Lui Sit || Mainstream Blog Tour

I enjoyed the short story Giant so much and cannot wait for everyone to read it!

Today on this tour post! I present to you an author interview with Lui Sit. A co-author for the book Mainstream which is an anthology! I enjoyed it a lot and just couldn’t peel my eyes off it~

The Book has Diverse Authors and amazing stories!

Link to Amazon!

Author Interview:

  • Would you like to tell a little bit about yourself to my readers?

Hi! I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Australia and now live in London. Apart from writing and reading, my other big passions in life are dancing and eating.

  • Have you always been into writing or did the love for writing evolved later?

I have always enjoyed expressing myself through writing.  When I was little, I used to write plays which I would then stage with my friends, and also poetry. In fact, my first ‘published work’ was a poem I sent to the local newspaper. I got $5 for it—big bucks for an eight-year-old at the time.

  • Do you enjoy reading short stories as well? Who are your favourite short story authors? 

I do enjoy reading short stories. Some of my favourite short story writers are Shirley Jackson, Roald Dahl, Raymond Carver, Daphne du Maurier, Flannery O’Connor and Carmen Maria Machado.  A lot of these authors I read when studying at university. I would like to read more current short story writers but struggle for time. 

  • Short stories have word limits but the whole story has to finish in this limit, what challenges did you face while writing a short story of your own?

I am relatively new to short story writing and I found grappling with a singular idea, making it real but also ambiguous within a restricted word limit, very stimulating. l discovered that I really like the challenge of bringing forth a fully formed idea within a short space of words. 

  • How did “Giant” as a story evolve?

‘Giant’ started off as a writing prompt exercise during a workshop. We were invited to select an image from a pile of postcards and start writing. I deliberately chose an image that made no sense to me; a dark, pitted rock-like thing. That was where the ‘Giant’ of the story came from. But after the exercise, I turned the postcard over and read that the image was a close up of a dog’s nose!

  • Tell us a bit about this story so more people would want to read it!

Simon has been told by his Mum to never travel to school on his own through the woods behind his home. One day, he breaks this rule and discovers the very reason why his Mum warned him not to.  

  • Oh! One more question, what would your dream writing table look like?

I can write on any table but I would love the table to be within walking distance of the ocean.


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