Another Year of Blogging! || Blogversary two <3 || Memories and Q&A

What a day. What a day! I am very excited to be writing this today! Musing of Souls turns two today! I have absolutely no idea how the days went away and I have no words to describe this feeling. I am overwhelmed and excited for another year to come – wishing I can manage the time more and post more during the coming days!

The year was a rollercoaster! Today, I’ll be sharing a few things I was able to achieve during the year along with sharing some of my favourite content written by other bloggers as well as answering some questions that were asked to be for a Q&A session!

How did the year go?

Surreal! With a lot of university work, I have been unable to manage time to post frequently (I have so many drafts unwritten and un-published!) but I am trying and will keep trying forever. I have not read hundreds of books last year but I was able to find some comfort reads, some reads that made me feel immense grief and a few that helped me transcend into another world! I guess we call that a steal deal.

The year went with reading something in and out, then taking breaks for school stuff, again engrossing in the books and whatnot.

I did try something new and now I’m deep into the hole for it! ANIME! For years, people have been telling me to give it a try but I would not so one of my friends just pushed me into the hole finally. I started death note (and held my knees and kept thinking about the world for days) and then I watched Jujutsu Kaisen (and I am absolutely crushing on all the characters).

ora ora! I’m now obsessed *pants*

I tried annotating for the first time this year and enjoyed doing so. Lowkey bought new transparent tabs and colourful ball pens (cause gel pens leave stainsssss) oh yes, and gel highlighters <3. I hoarded a lot of books and am not sure if I read even 1/5th of them. I am guilty of book-buying but it makes me happy.

Recently, the blog hit 400+ followers, Twitter hit 900+ followers and locking Instagram with about 300 followers. In total, there are about 1500 people who follow my love for books and I’d be forever grateful for that.

I’m holding my first giveaway on Twitter celebrating the second blogversary, you can join it here ā¤

What are the plans for the upcoming year?

Seriously, I have none. If I make plans, I won’t be able to execute them and then be sad but I do have some visions and goals I wish to achieve this year.

  • Be more active
  • Write reviews of all pending books
  • Read at least two non-fiction books
  • Blog-hop more!
  • Meet (probably virtually) more bloggers around the world
  • Change layout and themes of the website
  • Post interviews with authors – this sounds so much fun and I am so excited to do this!
  • Write lists and appreciate authors
  • Write some more poems and share!

That’s too much on the plate, but, I wish to go slowly and achieve them all! One goal that a lot of bloggers would have and I don’t have is reading more books, I am a mood reader and cannot pressurize my brain by a long TBR which would just burn me out at the end. But, i do wanna hoard all the books I can get in the world.

*le me dancing

Let’s Get onto Q&A!

1. What first made you want to become a book blogger? Like, was it a specific book you wanted to talk about? Or another book blogger who inspired you?

Here goes the story. In 2020, I found out about NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) and I started this blog to share my poetry for 30 days <3. I enjoyed that very much but when the month ended, I had nothing to do and I did not want to keep sharing just poetry so I decided to start reviewing books. At that point in time, I didn’t even know book blogging was a thing but I had seen people talking about books sometimes and so I did some research. Always, I wanted to talk about the book “Backlash by Sarah Darer Littman” and shout about it to the world. There it started, the journey of talking and writing and talking more about books.

The question was asked by author Erika McCorkle. Thank you so much for your question!

2. what inspires you to keep going? what are you looking forward to this next blogging year?

Authors, Readers, Book Lovers and my BOOKS are my inspiration to keep going. There are so many people out there with so many ideas. I see more than ten new WIPs with loads of aesthetics, mood boards, character cards, playlists et cetera every day while surfing social media and it gives me so much thrill that one day I would be able to read their books and maybe get signed copies. Maybe even meet them and then flex!

I am looking for progress and giving more time – taking out more time to blog. I wanna talk to more people and make new friends! Moreover, I have loved interviewing authors on my blog before and I haven’t done that in a while – I wish to do that more this year!

Thank you Amanda for your amazing questions! Amanda has a beautiful blog too! Check it out!

3. Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

Some of my favorite bloggers, listing them in no particular order
Linking to my favorite posts from these bloggers

Thank you Maddie and Clo for this question! I haven’t blog hopped for quite some time so I do not have a lot of new names but I guess I will very soon!

4. How did you come up with the name for your blog?

When I opened the blog for poetry, I did not want the blog to have my name or a name which would define just poetry but poems are a huge part of me, like a song to my soul. Thus, through my words I wanted to touch people and their hearts and while making my brain run at full speed, the name popped!

Thank you Maddie for the question! You are such a great blogger as well! I wish to read more blogs by you in future!

5. Could you share a poem about your love for the moon?

So, I hail to lord of night – abandoned
looking narrowly back at me from the glitters
and all the freckles of dust and gold
the dark of his surroundings and my soul
we giggle through the our skies
take walks until our hearts are filled – never
I chuckle and hold onto scars
he wraps the blanket of stars
to make me his for another dark night.

There Clo, just wrote one to show you how much I love the moon!

6. If you could only read one genre/sub genre for a year what would you read?

Clo is making me nuts with her questions! But, this is an extremely difficult one!
I definitely would run towards fantasy cause probably I’d never be able to live without transcending into another world!

7. Fav post/s of yours you’re proud of?

List of Blog Tour Companies: Last year, I compiled a list of blog tour companies which is still in progress and I am always looking out for more companies to add! But, I am very proud of the list and I hope I can make it grow somehow!

Cocoon – A Poem: Here is one of my favourite poems. It just gives me so much power!

Thank you Clo for the amazing questions!

8. what is your favourite part about blogging?

My favorite part of blogging is definitely writing a lot of drafts and never posting them. Not really, but it is one of the most beautiful parts, I open my WordPress and I have more than 50 pending posts which are half-written.

My favorite part of blogging is letting my feelings flow into my words. Sometimes, I wish to say so much but can’t write a lot and still let the words (even little) show my emotions and other times I write so much that you might want me to stop. I enjoy reading reviews, posts and lists by other bloggers who inspire me somehow to keep going on.

9. what does your blogging process look like?

A complete mess with no linking, steps, or process whatsoever.

Here is how I blog: I sit, I think, I want to write, I get on WordPress, I write a random post, and I post it even without editing it sometimes!

This is because I do not have time (or rather become too lazy) to sit for hours and write a post. I take my time when I sit and write. It would take time between an hour to a day to finish my blogs. If you find mistakes on my blogs, that’s just because I am too lazy.

I love making little pictures and vectors for my reviews and lists just because it gives me peace that I am doing something for the authors!

We end it here! I am probably going to take so long if I try to extend this post any more! But, Thank you thank you thank you so much for being there! Sending so much affection to everyone who has showered love and pushed me ahead to keep writing. I promise to be more active and up & running like before very soon! Loads of hugs!

Feel free to comment your thoughts or ask questions in the comment section! or let’s just talk cause it’s been a while!


7 thoughts on “Another Year of Blogging! || Blogversary two <3 || Memories and Q&A

  1. Happy blogiversary!!! We have our blogiversaries so close, we might as well be blogiversary buddies hahahaha!
    And, i am so honoured to be one of your favourite bloggers, thank you sooooo muchhhhh!!

    Loved reading the post, and here’s to many more years of you blogging (hopefully we’ll see more posts too!)

    Congratulations once again!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Massive congratulations on your second Blogiversary! My second one is also coming up this June and I still can’t comprehend it.

    I also wanted to say thank you for the unbridged honesty about your writing process, I feel so guilty sometimes for not spending hours perfecting every corner of the post. But I just don’t want to lol…I just don’t want to see as from a content creator perspective, instead I just want this as a hobby. Plain and simple.


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