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If you didn’t know this, Yes, I support Indie authors. They have an awesome community and I guess a lot of them are very under-rated. Thanks to all the lovely indie authors for giving me your books and for giving me an awesome TBR in the year 2020!

So without any further talks, let’s just move forward to it!!!

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Secret Legacy by Carissa Andrews

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I got this book as an ARC from Netgalley. This was one of the very first ARCs I received as well. I do have a review for this book as well. And, while I have talked about this book a lot of times, I just love this book a lot! Right now I am reading part three which will be followed by the final (I guess?) book of The WindHaven Witches.

Carissa has written a lot of other books too. Do not forget to check her website.

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Mask by Andrea Fink

This is one of the different and intriguing tales I’ve ever read. While fantasy is a huge genre and there are multiple characters (fantastical creatures!), and while a lot of people must be familiar with this. Dwarves, Vampires, Demons were some new creatures I got familiar with through this book.

Book 2 of “Four Regions” is coming out in 2020 2021 (I’m already forgetting)! I am so excited for the same!!

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The Blackstone Ritual by Swearingen Durham


I really don’t care what GoodReads or other people say about this one. I really liked the book overall, I am going to have an interview with the author very soon! I actually am looking forward to book two!

The book has pretty decent story and it had gripped me throughout. I just cannot complaints about it.

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A Peculiar Royal by Alonna Williams

Actually, a very calming and soothing book to go through. I am happy it is getting attention but I really wish the book becomes one of the top-selling books. Do check it out if you have some time, I personally loved this book! Again, got this through Netgalley at first.

The sequel is going to be out later this year(eh i mean 2021!) and I am really very excited for it!!

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Mac and Millie Mystery Series by JB Michaels

The Christmas Walk Caper: A Mac and Millie Mystery (Mac and Millie Mysteries  Book 1) - Kindle edition by Michaels, JB. Mystery, Thriller & Suspense  Kindle eBooks @

I just loved all three books of this series. The fourth came out later the year which I was unable to buy I guess. I wish to buy it soon though. I have four long review posts for these lovely book, I’ll link the series review here, do check them out!!

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Okay! So that is all I have for today. I do like to make lists but I prefer small lists. Which one do you all prefer? Do you all wish that I make longer lists? Having more books or would you like me to post more lists with just appropriate amount of book in each one?

Drop your suggestions!!


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