Mac and Millie Mysteries [Review of Book Series]

Welcome to the Book Blitz for Mac and Millie Mysteries by JB Michaels. I am obliged to have you all here. The blitx is organised by Lola’s Blog Tours and will run from 18th to 24th of May. You can read the schedule here.

It was amazing to get an opportunity to read the books written by JB Michaels. I loved all the three books and here are the reviews for them.

All three books have their individual review posts and you can find them here:
Book 1: The Christmas Walk Caper
Book 2: The Valentine Dine or Die
Book 3: The Swedish Days Swindle

Now going through sneak peak and review for overall series:


Story line:

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall ratings:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The mysteries take place in Geneva, Illinois. Mac O’Malley is a retired cop but his mind cannot be normal like others and thus when he sees a crime that has happened,every aspect of it has to be found.

Millie is Mac’s dear one. Working in a bank, she once used to be an amazing athelete. But, there is something special about Millie which nobody knows. Not even Mac. Can you guess?

The mystery appears where the duo stands. Sit back and enjoy the fun and adventurous mysteries of Mac and Millie.

The author has used simple language while writing thus making it accessible to every kind of reader out there. The book is also fast paced so no yawns will deploy between your reading (I hope so!)

Something about the author from himself:

I am JB Michaels, award-winning and USA Today Bestselling Author of two series: Bud Hutchins Thrillers and the Tannenbaum Tailors.

I have spent my life in the study of story from riveting novels to the slam-bang action-packed world of comics to the examination of film history, I have spent a lifetime learning and examining the elements that make a story incredible. This steadfast dedication has led me to writing stories of my own.

I am married and with a son, I have a great love of family. I hope that you enjoy my bestselling books that mash genres from thrillers to science fiction to fantasy!

You can find and contact JB Michaels here:








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